About Us

As you are well aware, development of technology has affected all aspects of human life, specially in the field of construction, so that every day, we can see new products are being produced from the companies which are active in this field.

The polyurethane sandwich panel is one of these products that has special place in designing and construction of industrial structures. until now, sandwich panel has no alternative in the similar products and has several advantages such as followings :

Resistance, durability, light weight, quick installation, beautiful appearance, earthquake resistance, insulation and etc. because of these advantages, sandwich panel is much in demand and in many development countries is being used in construction of industrial structures.


In addition to its advantages, sandwich panel is economical and with consideration of time, infrastructure and energy saving, safety, being changeable and movable parameters sandwich panel is less costly than masonry structures.

Also one of the new products alongside of sandwich panel are GRP (glass fiber reinforced polyester) sheets. the application of GRP sheets are for covering roofs and claddings. these sheets can be translucent or opaque with flat, corrugated or trapezoidal profiles.

Light weight, chemical resistance and mechanical strength are the most common advantages of this product. using protective film or gelcoat at the top surface can increase the service life of these sheets against micro organisms, algae, mildew and fungus. with these advantages, this product can save cost in industrial projects.


Now we are proud to present the following services with years of experience in construction of prefabricated structures  using sandwich panel :

  1. Covering of walls and roofs of industrial and gable structures. partitioning of interior areas.
  2. Construction of  conex and prefabricated structures.
  3. Construction of below zero and above zero cold stores and freezing tunnels.
  4. Controlled atmospheric storage ( CA ).
  5. Clean Room walls.
  6. Designing and construction of light weight structures and aviculture salons roof and wall covering.

Mainly Arme Foulad Asia Co. cooperates with pharmacy companies, cooling industries, avicultures and food industries and is active in the field of industrial salons construction. also offering avariety of roof, wall, lock, cold store and clean room sandwich panels with a density of  40 Kg/m3 and offering avariety of translucent and opaque GRP sheets and consulting in design of industrial structures and avicultures using sandwich panels to reduce construction costs, duration and usage of energy are the most important activities of Arme Foulad Asia Co.