Conex and Prefabricated Structures



Manufacturing a variety of conexes for residential, office, cold store and etc uses and also construction of prefabricated structures using sandwich panels is one of the Arme Foulad Asia Co, activities.


Structure : Standard steel profiles and cold bent steel profiles.

Joints : Welded or Bolted.

Structure primer paint : Nitro cellulosie paint.

Structure final paint : Nitro cellulosie paint.

Wall : Wall sandwich panel manufactured by TEKNOPANEL.

Roof : Roof sandwich panel manufactured by TEKNOPANEL.

Floor : Roof or Wall sandwich panel manufactured by TEKNOPANEL.

Floor coating : MDF Parquet.

For cold stores 1 mm thickness galvanized sheets are used.

For bathrooms floor ceramics are used.

Flashings : 0.5 mm thickness prepainted galvanized profiles.

Doors and Windows : made with aluminum profiles.

Electrical Installations : classy of iran.

Mechanical Installations : classy of iran.

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