GRP Sheets



In modern engineering, materials play a vital role defining the design, structure, performance, and efficiency of the product. Sometimes, the naturally occurring engineering materials are not able to satisfy the specifications of a product. Therefore, new materials were developed to accommodate a wide variety of engineering requirements by combining two or more materials together. These are known as composite materials.

Fibre reinforced polymers are made of two primary constituents; fibres and a polymer matrix. In FRP, the fibre is embedded in a polymer matrix. This structure gives completely different chemical and physical properties than the properties of the individual materials. In fact, these materials satisfy higher engineering requirements than the ordinary materials. Hence composites are applied in less sophisticated to very sophisticate and demanding manufacturing tasks. Mechanical, civil, biomedical, marine, and the aerospace industries are main users of composite materials.

Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP), commonly known as fiberglass, is a fibre reinforced polymer with glass fibres in the composite structure. the application of GRP sheets are for covering roofs and claddings. these sheets can be translucent or opaque with flat, corrugated or trapezoidal profiles. Light weight, chemical resistance and mechanical strength are the most common advantages of this product. using protective film or gelcoat at the top surface can increase the service life of these sheets against micro organisms, algae, mildew and fungus. with these advantages, this product can save cost in industrial projects.